Love, Peace and Illusion

mindlovemisery Writing Prompt #128 “Collage 8″ prompt by mindlovemisery

Seventeen, unmolded clay,
didn’t know a thing
about love except
Sonny and Cher were cool,
‘I got you, Babe’ and the 60’s
so enticingly free
we picnicked with friends in the park
with wine and cheese, so poetic…
White Rabbit in our heads and
jefferson airplane in our hands
we were so high on ourselves
and I thought you were the sun, moon and stars
player in the band, Nehru shirt, long sideburns
and moustache (darkened with mascara)
saying all the things a girl wants to hear
but I think I just made you up in my head
you didn’t really stand that tall, heroic
proportions of lover and friend
fell short
but I’ll never feel that golden again.


9 thoughts on “Love, Peace and Illusion

  1. First I must say I love Jefferson Airplane and the 60s have always fascinated me (I was born in the 80s). This poem made me feel nostalgic even though I have never experienced anything like the scene you painted, you really pulled me right in excellent job!

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  2. I know what you mean! I was but a wee one during those years, but the music touched my soul. My fallen heroes come from the 1970’s and 1980’s. I realize now that everyone is just trying to get by and sometimes we turn to substances and put on masks. But damn, I wish some people (guys) would realize that breaking people’s hearts does not make you cool!
    Can you tell I had mine broken more than once?

    peppersfetch dot blogspot dot com

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  3. Some of us never learn. My favourite part was darkening the moustache with mascara…..Ewww!!!
    Probably wore big heels to make himself look taller too! LOL…Enjoyed this poem.


  4. Oh how I could travel through memory lane in this beautiful poem of true love…a moment of pure innocent love. Sonny and Cher …my idols growing up. Actualy Cher’s real name is Cherylyn and my real name is Cheryl-Lynn:)


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