Winter Is…

withrealtoads The Tuesday Platform Imagined By
“Tuesday is Open Link day here in the Garden. All are welcome to participate by sharing a poem of their own choice, something freshly ground or taken from storage.”

Season of introspection
Shut-up, closed in, bundled in layers
Steamy cup of caffeination
keeping hibernation at bay.

Grey, shaded, muted, solemn
Drained, sapped, bled of blush and bloom.
I watch through the glass pane that
fixes the snoozing world centimeters away.

I don’t say you’re bad or hateful or unkind
You have worth in my eyes
And a kind of longing at autumn’s end
For a needed retreat from life’s ravel and fray.

You are the season I ask myself
The existential questions:
Who am I? What’s my purpose?
Is this all? What is real? …and I meditate.

I pity the lands who only know
Sun and temperate climes
Never know a warming fire,
A solitude of still,
A sanctuary of stay.

I have a love-hate relationship with winter. As I get older, I both look forward to it and dread it. I dislike it for all the ordinary reasons of snow, ice, and heating bills. What I like about it is the cocooning feel of being shut away, snug and warm, meditative, metamorphosing into something more enlightened by the spring, hopefully.


10 thoughts on “Winter Is…

  1. I have lived in places that have both climates..and while I agree that winter can be a soulful experience, I think this mind dances to a different drumbeat when it is not guided by the rhythm of the seasons.


  2. I live in a land which has a mild winter, seldom any snow, and I do feel like I am missing out on some essential life experience, but then again, I would rather have our 8 months of summer.


  3. I am another who lives without much experience of winter, in a sub-tropical part of Australia, and very happy to have it that way! I spent the first fifty-five years of my life in places that had winters, and although there were the compensations you describe, I always hated the cold. Not love-hate, just hate!

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