Poetry is Hard Work

dverse Seriously? That’s Funny! dVerse Meeting the Bar Posted by “And so my inner therapist tells me it’s time to lighten up. Let’s bring some humor to the pub.”

(I can not get the first verse to print right – sorry for the distraction)

Just another poem du jour
via prompts a la carte
waiting for inspiration
coming from the heart.

Should I write an ode to love? No,
too many thorns in that bouquet
maybe  an etheree would save
this poem a day some way

but all that counting down
is way too much work
there’s not enough fingers and toes
I’d soon go mathematically berserk

Hey, wait, I think I may have found
a serendipitous resolution
just by trying to think it through
this poem happened by evolution.




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13 responses to “Poetry is Hard Work

  1. I simply love this, particularly “I’d soon go mathematically berserk”

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  2. This is so fun, Debi. I love the line about the challenge of etheree. I find that to be a fun form to work with, even though I am definitely not mathematically inclined. But then I do have 10 fingers. You did a really good job putting humor into the hard work of poetry.

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  3. Well you did anyway, smiles ~ Sometimes when I try too hard, it doesn’t come out nicely ~ Maybe just let the muse be amused ~

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  4. Sometimes it’s best to just let it flow and often we can be pleasantly surprised by the results…just like you did here, nice!


  5. Ghost in the machine
    Word Press bugs..
    but in heARt
    of life there are
    few rules.. just is
    just is.. and the
    Word Press bug
    makes it
    what it
    is.. for
    me at
    art is in unexpected..
    what is planned often
    falls short potential
    of HUMAN HEaRT..
    with little to
    no play
    rules fall
    PoeTry Reigns
    best with HeArt..:)


  6. As long as I have 10 fingers and 10 toes, I’ll do fine mathematically. Yes, it is many times the perfect thing to just let it flow – and it is funny that something we love so much, can be so much work! Good job!

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  7. Ha, I love the resolution really. Indeed sometimes things surprisingly resolve themselves! I smiled at the thorns in the bouquet….so true at times!

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  8. mathematically berserk.. haha 😀 We do tend to go berserk while concentrating on rhyme scheme and meter!
    Beautifully executed 🙂

    Lots of love,


  9. Ha. There is a lot of fun in trying too hard, it just come out with a perfect smile.


  10. It is lively
    Brilliant take Debi
    Complete with rhymings
    Isn’t that something?


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  11. Appreciate the lighthearted take on writing poetry….have to try an etheree..;)


  12. Suzanne

    You really capture a character here.


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