Time Capsule

Margo Roby Poem Tryouts: If You Could
“Say we live in a time where you can order your own pillar of setting. What would you choose to have depicted in your pillar?Or, if you want to feel cosier about it, how about a jar you can place on a shelf.”

Take some star dust from a summer evening
shimmer it around the edges of a cobalt sky
add a sprinkling of fireflies and laughing children
a game of tag, a climbing tree, the sated hum
of a drowsy bee and Mama yelling ‘ten minutes more
a dash of the exquisite agony of saying goodnight
then stir in a bubble bath, sweet line-dried jammies,
a bedtime story to lull to sleep for fairytale
dreams, snug and safe in my twin
Seal all of my innocent, tender, spent yesterdays
label it Sweet Memories and stash on my shelf
I’ll visit it on cold winter nights when I’m feeling old.


15 thoughts on “Time Capsule

  1. label it Sweet Memories and save it on my shelf
    I’ll visit it on cold winter nights when I’m feeling old.

    Isn’t it nice! To be remembered and remembering of the good times of old. Those were fleeting moments that can never be relived nor replaced! Thoughtful thoughts Debi!


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  2. Oh, to be there, even in the smaller half of the pull out bed with my feet sticking off…
    And yet very comparable with being a ‘Grama Matresss’ when Little Miss half-wakes from naps and needs some snuggle time…

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