Lord, Have Mercy

Margo Roby Tuesday Tryouts: The Modes
“Whether you are a NaNoWriMo-er or poet, we are going to write five sentences taking us through the four modes of writing: description, narration, reverie, and dialogue. Poets, find the poem in your sentences. Feel free to make changes—small or radical—that seem to make it a better poem. Feel free to leave out bits.”

Delicate bones under dried leaf skin
fingers clasped loosely in her lap
tributaries of green in ropy veins
and her thumbs go round and round.
She sits and stares into the past…
a burning house
she upstairs
a jump into the
banked up snow.
She sees it all again.
She’s thinking of two small
graves as she whispers
“Lord, have mercy.”
And her thumbs go round and round.

This is a memory I have of my grandmother. She and my grandfather lost two of their three children in a house fire. It was hard  watching her relive that day every single time.


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