Hatred Bounces – (title from e e cummings)

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Miz Quickly 14: Sonnet
write a sonnet. Now, you can follow the rules–any rules you want–and that’s cool. Or you can take a few of the rules and make the form your own.”

The world walks by and we do not see
I’m gazing in your eyes, you back at me
I caress your hand, toast you with champaign
drunk, not with wine, but with Cupid’s refrain.

There’s only us in this wide world, alone
the echoes of the city just a drone
of white noise, like a soft rain, extrinsic,
my ears only hear your lilting music

but on a discordant note it ended
life and love and normalcy suspended
gunfire, explosions, on Parisian streets
and you, my dearest, crumpled at my feet…

I thought love was the divine emotion
but hate is sanctioned as their devotion.

Hate bounces, that’s part of the problem. It bounces from the guns and knives and explosives of the hateful to the hated ,who in turn begin to hate, and it bounces all the way around the world till finally there is only hate. Can it ever end?


8 thoughts on “Hatred Bounces – (title from e e cummings)

  1. I had a problem reading your sonnet – the picture behind the words made it hard to make out the letters. It is a lovely picture & adds to the sorrow expressed – I wish I could have a better reading of your sonnet.



  2. Moving poem … hopefully this senseless hatred can be exiled from our hearts one day … as you say, it’s an emotion that feeds on itself – love I feel need more conscious effort … we must cultivate it and not let it be choked by the weeds of hate.


  3. Debi, of all the modern-day poets I know, you far exceed them with your work. I love your poems, which I am grateful you share with all those who need the gifts of your talent to see hope in these troubling times.


  4. To much sudden stops with things that take lives.
    We can only hope our children can have a better go of things.
    Was it really any different from when our grandparents fought for justice?
    Narrow minds take life for granted. Thinking awards await.

    Thanks for stopping by my humorous piece.


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