I Wish

imaginarygarden   Imagined By
“I want to know your hearts desire.”

I feel a little like the beauty queen contestant who wants peace in the world. Well, what’s wrong with that?

I wish for every child of earth enough to eat, water to drink, someone to love, and love you back, a roof over your head at night, a yard to tend and garden, too, labor enough to make you tired, a soft pillow and dreams so sweet, laundry flapping on the line, rocking chairs on the porch, books to read stacked high, no one rich and no one poor, and never a one in need that someone, somewhere was willing to be a friend in deed.

In a perfect world
there would never be tears
that someone could not dry.


21 thoughts on “I Wish

  1. Love this, especially the concluding haiku. I love the fact that the wish is realistic: it doesn’t ask for what many have suggested is “perfection”, but for a great world where everyone would be perfect for his or her burden… so much so that even the burden would bring the perfect happiness.

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  2. World peace…the socialists call it brotherhood, the Christians called it fellowship, the zealots call it unattainable. I call it necessary, essential, building block, necessity; smile.

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  3. Its what I would like to see. What an excellent thought for the day, hell, for a lifetime. I know that so many want the same, its a shame we can’t seem to make it happen. I’ll keep trying if you will!!! Thanks for participating, I really enjoyed this.

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