I Wish

imaginarygarden   Imagined By
“I want to know your hearts desire.”

I feel a little like the beauty queen contestant who wants peace in the world. Well, what’s wrong with that?

I wish for every child of earth enough to eat, water to drink, someone to love, and love you back, a roof over your head at night, a yard to tend and garden, too, labor enough to make you tired, a soft pillow and dreams so sweet, laundry flapping on the line, rocking chairs on the porch, books to read stacked high, no one rich and no one poor, and never a one in need that someone, somewhere was willing to be a friend in deed.

In a perfect world
there would never be tears
that someone could not dry.



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21 responses to “I Wish

  1. My goodness! What a tender and heartfelt wish. Thank you so for sharing!


  2. Nearly brought me to tears…

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  3. A perfect world is where everyone is taken care of and are satisfied. Greed and power meddle with the equation. That’ll lead to conflicts that history had shown. It’s a pity!


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  4. This is a wonderful wish……..beautiful!

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  5. I couldn’t agree more–you have nailed the essence of a happy life on this earth, and what we should most want and wish, not just for ourselves, but for us all.

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  6. Love this, especially the concluding haiku. I love the fact that the wish is realistic: it doesn’t ask for what many have suggested is “perfection”, but for a great world where everyone would be perfect for his or her burden… so much so that even the burden would bring the perfect happiness.

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  7. I think those tears you just can dry, just sums up the simplicity… There are still so many things that need to be in place to make it real…

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  8. I SO wish this too, Debi…all of it. ♥

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  9. I really, really loved these gentle words – from laundry on the line to the friend in deed – the whole thing is amazing.

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  10. Glenn Buttkus

    World peace…the socialists call it brotherhood, the Christians called it fellowship, the zealots call it unattainable. I call it necessary, essential, building block, necessity; smile.

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  11. Tears that could be erased, dried … a powerful wish.

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  12. Tears….You have spoken words I needed to hear. Beautiful


  13. Hi Debi–Agree with Hedge–you really have all the elements here–including the labor, which is also so important–sense of purpose. Agh. Really succinct and on the mark. Thanks k.

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  14. Its what I would like to see. What an excellent thought for the day, hell, for a lifetime. I know that so many want the same, its a shame we can’t seem to make it happen. I’ll keep trying if you will!!! Thanks for participating, I really enjoyed this.

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