Gotta Have It

mindlovemisery Photo Challenge #89 found Here
prompt by clothespeggedpat


Everything is symbolic
propaganda at its best
peace upon her chest
$159.98 tres chic
to be for peace.

Chrome and plastic
nice retro-future look
life is so much better
with $199.95 sweater
even if you’re fleeced.

But you’ll be happy
safe and secure
with bangs that hide
unseeing eyes
consumerism’s masterpiece.



4 thoughts on “Gotta Have It

  1. Thanks for your response Debi 🙂

    Intriguing and wonderfully written! Definitely a worthwhile topic for discussion and musing.

    I like how you noticed the wig – the bangs being so long as to cover the eyes …. great catch and lovely tie-in.

    Cheers ~ Pat

    Liked by 1 person

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