Thoughts Have a Mind of Their Own

dverse Poetics: Secrets of the Universe Posted by
“For our poetic inspiration, we are turning to a well-known Canadian poet, David McFadden.


That’s the trouble with thinking
you think a thought and that leads
to another thought and before you
realize it you are on a different path
altogether. You start to go backwards
hoping to find that original thought
that led you here. Then give it up as you
find yourself in a completely different
dimension of time and space.
Ah, that’s what’s so great about thinking-
the places it takes you to. I start with planning
tonight’s menu and end thinking about
David McFadden and Billy Collins
and how I want to see the world
through their eyes. Feel the blah
of the common merge into
the magic of an indrawn breath…


9 thoughts on “Thoughts Have a Mind of Their Own

  1. I like the challenge to thinking into another direction, not the usual way, but seeing things in a different and magical light ~ To have that gift of imagination is precious ~

    Thanks for the lovely share Deb and wishing you a happy week ~


  2. It’s sad to think that some have almost
    no imagination at all but it’s
    true as to image
    is to imagine
    and some
    think with
    images.. hardly at all..
    stuck in concrete concepts..
    alone.. a most difficult
    challenge of life.. but
    escapable i’m sure for
    folks who
    need to
    get out of
    words into
    playground of
    limitless fruition
    of gifts iN reality
    as well..
    Yes.. Life
    can be magic
    with Imagination’s
    eYes truly set free
    in possibilities
    that never end
    iN a reign
    of Life as Free..
    and an escape from
    the machines of culture.. as WeLL..:)


  3. I agree that your last line is killer-good, I dig the message & the introspection, but as a man in the winter of my life, I find myself very easily distracted, & it can be difficult to stay focused on the thoughts that sent me on an errand, or to dive into some research before writing.

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