New Form

My Poetic Form  – Debi Swim


Cheer Poem

The cheer poem is taken from the chant heard at ballgames: Two, Four, Six, Eight. Who do we appreciate? The form is as follows:


First word is the title –lines 2-4 are in parentheses

Line one – 2 syllables

Line two – 4 syllables

Line three – 6 syllables

Line four– 8 syllables

Line five– 7 syllables, asks a question.




(nestles, hunkers

down, prepares the tired earth

for its rejuvenating sleep.)

Are your dreams Technicolor?


True love

(is not a thing

but an art of mingling-

red and yellow into orange.)

Can it stand the test of time?




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2 responses to “New Form

  1. Fun! I’ll give it a try:


    backward year by
    year—One Hundred Thousand
    silver Kisses under my belt.
    Can you say chocolate fix?


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