enemies of truth

mindlovemisery Wordle #88: Use 10 of the following words



Fanatics to the right of me
fanatics to the left
throwing their vitriol
like grenades on the
battlefield of Facebook.
They are bloodcrows
looking for an amen.
I’m looking for an aperture
of empyreal veracity somewhere
between apathy and dread
trying to reach a consensus
of balance and candor
before I slit the vein of reality
and curl up in a warm bath.

6 thoughts on “enemies of truth

  1. Remember when I told you more than several times how the sign of excellent poets is their clever use of word choice? This is what makes you, among other applications, an excellent poet, a favorite of mine and so many others.

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  2. Straight from the headlines…
    Excellent summary. If only the radicals and those who feel they can do nothing could find and live with a middle ground.
    Makes one think about history and why we as humans can’t seem to learn from the past.

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