Oh, The Places They Will Go

street art unzipped








MargoRoby “I found this on Pinterest without title or artist, for which I apologise. Let’s see what you do with it”


Read to the child
books of fantasy
and adventure
of talking animals
and dragons that soar
of little boys
that never grow up
and the heroic girl
that saved Kai.
Let the four walls
become movie screens
or rip open to reveal
the Dawn Treader
and the Nautilus.
Give them words
like Runny Babbit,
Grinch, Kehaar,
Mole and Toad.
Read to them
till they can read
themselves. Oh,
the places they will go.


10 thoughts on “Oh, The Places They Will Go

  1. My mother saved and then gave to me, my extensive library of childhood books. I come from a family of readers. It’s what they did, so it’s what I do. I love standing at the bookshelves and looking at the spines of my old books, remembering.

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  2. One of our library volunteers just introduced me to a program for my grand-daughter.
    (Not sure if all states or areas have it…) One of the main sponsors though is the area United Way –
    Read 1,000 books to your child before the start of Kindergarten. We are starting a tad late as our Little Miss is not quite 2.5 but I think it is a very doable program for our whole family to participate in. I’m going to keep the master list for now. We just started Friday and I don’t have Mommy and Daddy’s or the other set of grandparents lists… but we are averaging about 5-7 or more books a day (while she is here with me anyway). And it is OK to repeat titles, because repetition re-enforces that love of favorite books and contact between reader and readee.

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