To see the world in a grain of sand…

imaginarygarden In A Grain of Sand ~ Micro Poetry
Imagined By   “write a poem in no more than 10 lines”



Circannual rhythm of migrators

The constancy of the ocean waves

Dandelions fluffing to seed

The dance of the honey bee

The long arc of rainbows

Fractals of snowflakes

Wren’s happy song

Rain to quench

Earth’s thirst





15 thoughts on “To see the world in a grain of sand…

  1. Wikipedia told me not to set my calendar by the Circannual rhythm as o one period is not of the same duration as another although they average once a year. This is a part of why Global Warming Climate Change is hard to predict. I think also the amplitude swings of temperature aren’t very consistent also, example, giving us hard or easy mild winters.
    The form was neat too. A funnel shape? Or vortex like a tornado or water spout?


  2. oh this is so tranquil, and I so like the juxtaposition between constancy and a sense of safety against the altogether more temperamental aspects of nature: the ocean wave, the rain, the arc of rainbows, the fractals of snow. Great stuff


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