The Fairer Sex

Collage 14

mindlovemisery Collage 14

Oh, my dear, delicate, hot-house plant
you must be coddled, contained, cultivated
for things more refined, genteel, domestic.
You are made of softer things, of fluff, pink
petals, prone to wilt and droop if over-stimulated
with facts and education, business and commerce.
I will take care of you. Shield you. Tell you what
opinion to have. A woman’s brain is not inferior
but tuned to decorous poses of emotions… feelings.
You are so easily deceived. An uncomely trait from Eve.

That is why you must mislead and take a cue from
women made of sterner stuff. It is a pity you must
first prove your worth with pseudonyms like
The Bells, George Sand, A. M. Barnard, George Eliot,
James Tiptree, Isak Dinesen and even now, J. K. Rowling.

I read that the publisher’s of Harry Potter were afraid the book wouldn’t appeal to boys if they read a woman’s name as author so they asked her permission to use her initials and she complied. I think she wrote under another pseudonym earlier but doggone it those days are over for her now!


16 thoughts on “The Fairer Sex

  1. Hi Debi, I think you make a very valid point about women..its a sad plight of society that so many women feel they have to prove themselves though i think that men have created a world where women feel that way is so sad in itself……hope you have a great 2016, my best wishes…

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  2. A perfect description of the “fairer sex” ala the masculine mind.
    Your poem fits so well into Poetry 101 Rehab: “So, this week, write a poem to describe what it means to be feminine, in your world, or in some other (part of the) world; or, take a different spin from the post and write about something from the perspective of another person, or, if the fancy takes you, something not even human. And in doing so. Show no mercy.”

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  3. Now you have gone to meddling, Debi. But well ‘penned’.
    Of the two stanzas, I like the first and think it describes the women should be. I have Mrs. Jim on a pedestal, she’s pretty delicate but a wonderful ‘pioneer woman’.

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  4. Ha. Very clever, and well-articulated. But actually J.K. Rowling is writing under another pseudonym now–she has written three mystery novels under the name of Robert Galbraith. For different reasons–I think the first one was to see how a book would do without her name; and then when she was “outed”, she just continued. They are really good mystery/detective novels; her main characters are very likable. k.

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  5. Yes, the patriarchal society has always felt peculiarly threatened by the feminine–yet of course, drawn to it as well. A hard line to tow between the marginalized and the idealized. I wonder how many men (if any) have chosen female pen names over the years? I love the lilt to this.

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