poem starting with a line by Anne Winters

Quickly’s Winter Doldrums “Poem Starting with a Line by _______” is your title.


high above laundries and rooftops

the smudgy city lies in moonlight…

a curtain closes here, a door slams there,

a drunken curse in the alley, laughter in the park

love, tragedy, birth, death, success, failure, justice, injustice

multiplied city by city, village by village, hamlet by hamlet,

and still they are us and them, the good guys, the bad guys,

the haves and have nots, first world, third world… only one world

and the fox slinks off to his den, the bear to a cave, owl to nest,

content with another days survival and the moon shining overhead.

(Night Wash 1939)



2 thoughts on “poem starting with a line by Anne Winters

  1. Glad I came looking for this…
    Our wonderful world…if we could just keep ‘it’ a healthy green and blue.
    I really enjoyed reading about how the animals and their contentment…
    (Still catching up on return visits. More when Little Miss naps.)

    Liked by 1 person

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