Tea With Grandma

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Quickly’s Winter Doldrums
“You get no extra points for using everything, but anything here is fair game.”     essential watch green ear kind knife couple clip slide peek


I watch you as you play
serving tea to your dolls
a rhinestone clip holding
fine blond hair behind
your sweet seashell ear.
The untethered side slides,
cover’s your right eye
and you peek through to
preside over this midmorning affair.
Grandma’s old tablecloth is a bright
splash of color against the green lawn.
You look up, the sun dances with fire
and ice from the rhinestones.
You say, “Nana, come play with me. So I do.
“How kind of you to join us, Mrs. Swanson.”
“How kind of you to invite me,” I reply.
Then we clink teacups and giggle our delight
in this essential summer moment captured
in our memories for cold winter nights.



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7 responses to “Tea With Grandma

  1. Awww. I like this one a lot, Debi. And the sweet illustration. I know better than to confuse speaker with poet, but are you a Nana? Some little people call me that, too.


    • No, I am Granny and Grandma to 6 boys. Maybe the girl (when we have some) will call me Nana. My daughter used to have tea with the two younger siblings. She made Tommy dress up in a suit and Erin in a frilly Sunday dress. Angel wore an old prom dress from the second-hand store. Fun memories.


  2. Such a special moment kept in memory. So sweet.


  3. It is always fun to pretend. A nice picture.

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  4. Bohemian NERD

    Reminds me of the endless summer days I used to spend in our “playhouse” at the lake 🙂

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  5. Conjures a memory. Or at least a desire of what could have been. Very well done, Debi.

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  6. Suzanne

    What a lovely memory. As you say – a warm recollection for a cold winter’s night.


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