Left Behind

Margo Roby Poem Tryouts: Abandon Ye!
“To distract us from the cold, let’s play with a word. I decided I wanted to explore abandon”

(I took an older poem and spruced it up a bit. I was never happy with the ending – I like it better now.)

The empty clothesline still stands
where sheets and towels flapped in the wind
while a hot July sun stroked the offerings
of cleanliness is next to Godliness.
The yard is neglected and overgrown
no geraniums, no begonias, no ivy
on the porch in pots and containers.
I peep in the kitchen window,
smudge the grime away to see
the same old linoleum on buckled floors.
Almost, I can smell the ham frying,
coffee perking, dough browning.
Almost, I can see grandpa pour molasses
over a pat of butter and slather it
on light as angel’s wings biscuits.
Almost, I can hear the southern gospel
music and twangy preaching on the
radio that played all day.
My breath catches in my throat-
I exhale a long sad sigh
of sympathy for me
and the abandoned house.



4 thoughts on “Left Behind

  1. I remember as a child poking my nose into someone’s abandoned home.
    I am sure the power was off for years. Though stuff was still left in the frig.
    And all the old magazines… I’d been following someone else, but we knew it was wrong to be there… so we left. None of the memories belonged to us.

    But this also reminds me of both of my grandparents’ homes. All the homemade sauces and pasta.

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