Imitation Leather

Sunday Mini-Challenge Flying From Orlando to Picasso Imagined By
” Ahem – so, what’s the prompt again?  To write of something real”


Logos, name brands, exclusive labels
I care not
perfection has its downside
imitation ain’t so great either
give me the actual, real, genuine
that’s what I love in you
a true original
flesh and blood
crooked nose
calloused hands
tender touch



12 thoughts on “Imitation Leather

  1. Yes, I guess the true original was an imperfect man. But the Woman, she made him that way!!!
    I like it, Debi, Goodness knows I ain’t perfect, no way. Sometimes I don’t try.
    p.s. I had no idea of the artifice but I may have stumbled onto it. REAL, yes. Truthful? who knows?


  2. Perfection and Imitation… I know a young lady that “lives” for second hand name brand things bought through a Goodwill. Great she finds such deals… but disturbing the thrill she gets when she owns “perfection”. I guess it’s the emphasis she puts on it. I like this poem and its message very much.


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