Imitation Leather

Sunday Mini-Challenge Flying From Orlando to Picasso Imagined By
” Ahem – so, what’s the prompt again?  To write of something real”


Logos, name brands, exclusive labels
I care not
perfection has its downside
imitation ain’t so great either
give me the actual, real, genuine
that’s what I love in you
a true original
flesh and blood
crooked nose
calloused hands
tender touch




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12 responses to “Imitation Leather

  1. So sweet, Debi. Really charming. k.

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  2. Thanks. You can tell I had no idea how to do this prompt. But, it was fun trying : )


  3. Jim

    Yes, I guess the true original was an imperfect man. But the Woman, she made him that way!!!
    I like it, Debi, Goodness knows I ain’t perfect, no way. Sometimes I don’t try.
    p.s. I had no idea of the artifice but I may have stumbled onto it. REAL, yes. Truthful? who knows?


  4. Perfect is always there in the way we view it… A few words and the man or woman will feel perfect.


  5. Well that band aided, crooked nose man is nothing short of perfection. Nicely done.

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  6. Yes! Ain’t nothing like the real thing!

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  7. May not always be perfect but when you are real to yourself, then that’s as real as it can get. Good poem and thanks for your comment


  8. Perfection lies in the way we look at someone. Profound words, indeed… 🙂

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  9. A multi-faceted man of depth! Love this!


  10. I could not agree more ~ this is stellar.


  11. Perfection and Imitation… I know a young lady that “lives” for second hand name brand things bought through a Goodwill. Great she finds such deals… but disturbing the thrill she gets when she owns “perfection”. I guess it’s the emphasis she puts on it. I like this poem and its message very much.


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