Big Tent Revival

1 poem for 2 prompts

Prompt Word,Word:  Use one, two, three.. all? Create a poem or something.
press head great responsibility teacher holy cradle round cause stirring
Borrowing a prompt from poet and teacher, Jeff Hardin.(Here)


There in the big field back of the houses
it stood as though the overnight shower
had mushroomed it into being. We kids
gathered round it then pressed forward
to enter that great tent with flaps raised
letting in what bit of breeze was stirring.
Straw was scattered over the stubbled floor,
dusty, musty, hot, humid smell of barn
and row on row of folding chairs, empty,
waiting to cradle sinners’ sorry selves.
A lectern at the front stood serious,
full of grave responsibility for tonight’s
Rainbow Hollow Good News Tent Revival.
I stood behind the lectern, motioned
the others to a seat and preached a rousing,
shouting, glorious story of sin and death,
and born again. Then we ran out lest the Holy
come down at our possible sacrilege…
(though, I think He would have smiled at our game)
ran out into bright sunshine of biking, tag and country lanes.



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16 responses to “Big Tent Revival

  1. What a precious memory. I love this.

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  2. Just read this to Joseph, which produced a big smile. Love this one, Debi. I am sending it to my sis Barb to read as well. It brings back the revival memories of my childhood and with it the fire and brimstone sermons.


  3. And yet, at times I can’t seem to help
    wondering what if, yes, but what if.

    When life is so compartmentalized into specifics at given times, they would appear organized. But when allowed to progress along their own paths one can’t help wonder if it could have been better to take an alternative path. Life is so full of mysteries and is best left unorganized. Wonderful lines Debi!



  4. If there was a brimstone sermon coming I can feel it would be lost on giggling children (at least I hope so)… love the sense of smell in this.


  5. You’ve made me smile with this one. Children at play, such a glorious thing…

    I also love the mushrooming–I can see it, just like I can sense the grandness of the lectern. 😀

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  6. I think He would have smiled Too!

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  7. Jim

    I like this, Debi. It reminded me of the afternoon hat our daughter, about four, climbed up onto the fireplace hearth and preached a sermon, much like the one the child in your poem preached.
    Well written considering how the prompt words looked, HARD to use.
    BTW, been missing you here. I hope things are alright.


  8. So wonderfully vivid–all the descriptions lithe and live and retain a child-like feel. A new favorite of yours–thanks! k.

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  9. Kerry O'Connor

    You bring the scene to life with this entertaining narrative.

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