Illegible Future

Quickly’s Winter Doldrums Questions and Answers
“Today we’re playing Fun With Oracles”


Where’s the use in knowing
if it’s written in the stars
no chance to change fate
no running however far
from what will be will be.

And how would I dare
to change just one thing
knowing all the other events
that hang on that same string?

I think I’m happy just to be
living my life as it comes to me
one choice at a time, far as I can see.

And yet, at times I can’t seem to help
wondering what if, yes, but what if.

Seems the future is writ in hieroglyphs.







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3 responses to “Illegible Future

  1. Love this, lonely on its own line:
    “I think I’m happy just to be”


  2. I would not change a thing, if I could not be where I am now.
    Great last line too.
    The hieroglyphs of the wind, grasses, trees and snowflakes…


  3. Agreed. What if one bad thing is changed and in turn, changes good things?


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