Never Had a Chance

Quickly’s Winter Doldrums The Borrowing Poet

Read down the right margin of “Golden Shovel,” and you get “We Real Cool.”
“We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks
“The Golden Shovel” by Terrance Hayes

I want you to do something similar.

Choose a poem that you like or admire. (You’ll have noted that the Brooks poem is relatively short. You can use a line, a couple of lines, a stanza, an entire poem.)

Emily Dickinson / 1127
Soft as the massacre of Suns
By Evening’s Sabres slain.



Like the faintest whisper, Soft
fragile as
a soap bubble the
needle of the fir could massacre

Like the melting point of
snowflakes under the Suns
of Tatooine. Like the brevity By
which the Mayfly enjoys Evening’s

swift kiss then succumbs to Sabres
sharp and fleet – love is slain.


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