How to be the Perfect Fulfilled Woman – A Journey


When I was young I had expectations thrust on me. ..
Be polite
Speak when spoken to
Be a lady
Never leave dishes in the sink overnight
Always make the bed each morning
Be nice so you can make friends

You can be…
A nurse (and marry a doctor)
A secretary (and marry the boss)
A school teacher (and marry)
Finish high school – marry
childhood sweetheart
captain of the football team
father of your baby
Go to college (meet someone and get married)

I was nice
married young
had children
good housekeeper
soccer mom
empty nest

I always wanted
to write
now I do
with no expectations
just for the fun of it
because I want to.

Linked to: I rarely link to other sites but these prompts fell in alignment
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Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Music Prompt # 28  Amanda Palmer
“This song reminds me to stay curious and full of wonder. A sense of “I’m OK to be me.” No matter how old my body gets.”
adashofsunny A Cup of Nostalgia




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17 responses to “How to be the Perfect Fulfilled Woman – A Journey

  1. We’re of that generation where we set everyone else on their best paths before we did the same … but we’re making up for lost time now, I say. >


  2. Oh, this is so touching Debi, being women we are always expected to do what’s right and what we are told. But we always manage to follow our hearts. Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating 😀

    Lots of love,

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  3. Growing into ourselves is a gift at any age.

    Love the gentle power of this poem, the way it reclaims all it wants.


  4. Perfectly encapsulated and empowering, Debi…I love the way this closes. That would make a great poster or T-Shirt,

    “I always wanted
    to write
    now I do
    with no expectations
    just for the fun of it
    because I want to.”


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  5. Applauding… (and writing for the fun of it… and reading too).

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  6. Yes, that’s how it was. And now, once we have the courage and ability to toss those expectations down the john, isn’t life just beginning?

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  7. Yes, in a patriarchal society like ours, women has always been dictated and infantilized… or even worse. Still, time is changing…I hope. Wonderfully penned…

    Allow me to share a poem of mine, I generally don’t do such things, leaving links on other blogs, but just can’t help the temptation of sharing this with you…please don’t mind… 🙂


  8. good trip, luv the scenery, keep on journeying through creative hours

    much love…

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  9. I can relate to that. And best wishes to you 🙂


  10. Isn’t aging delightful?

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  11. Ahhhh, the strangest things thrust upon us at a young age, mostly out of our parents and family fears. We dare not step off the preordained path. Wonderful piece, and you keep on writing, it is the thread that ties it all together.

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