So Much Depends

withrealtoads Fireblossom Friday: The Red Wheelbarrow
So, your challenge is to write a new poem with the opening “So much depends upon….” and take it from there. That’s it! No haiku.”


So much depends on

a stitch, a nail, a link

as we rely on them

to do as they should

So much depends on

trust, a promise, a contract

to be what they pledge

and yet, you so readily fail.




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24 responses to “So Much Depends

  1. This is so direct and practical…concise work…wise words.


  2. Oh dear. Hate to use the overused word poignant but this is poignant. Thanks, Debi.


  3. Ow. I didn’t see that coming, which made it all the more poignant.

    –coal (Fireblossom)


  4. This just weaves fantastic images!


  5. Oh nicely done.. so true.

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  6. Oh I guess in the end promises are like stitches came undone… life is all the mending of our seams.

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  7. Kerry O'Connor

    You drew an amazing comparison in the 2 parts of the poem.


  8. Great things can be won or lost on the smallest of details, yes

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  9. This is just pithy awesomeness, as sharp as the nail within.

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  10. So much depends on others meeting their obligations. But depending on 3rd parties can be most frustrating as they are not obliged to us!



  11. I like this message. It is clean and clear, yet poetic.


  12. Well, we always rely on something…good as seems at that moment…who knows…life is mane editor…


  13. So good. Promises, even contracts not kept.


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