Study in Blue


This is your room, a man’s room.
Tall bookcases line the long wall,
(opposite the fireplace with gas logs
you installed when it became too
cumbersome to chop and carry wood)
books in rows or stacked atop each other,
leather-bound, hardbacks, paperbacks,
in odd sizes and colors are stuffed untidily
in ordered disorder. And thus they shall remain.
A faded dun leather chair with well-worn
arms and seat sits near the hearth, light
from the broad windows streaming in behind.
A sanctuary, a library, an office and retreat,
warm, serene, with Mac Baren Vanilla Cream
clinging to every warp and woof, fiber and thread.
You are this room. This room is you. I am bereft.

dverse Poetics – Room With or Without a View Posted by
“I think it will be kind of fun to reflect on ‘rooms’ or ‘a room’ in poetry.”



20 thoughts on “Study in Blue

  1. I was relaxing so very comfortably in the room you were ‘painting’ until the very end…when I realized it was really a poem of mourning for the person who was gone. Interesting how after a person is gone their places have a different feeling completely. Your poem shows this!

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  2. The room sounds so cozy and where all manner of manly duties were taken care of in there. The essence of “him” was so clearly described in his books, chair, hearth. An empty room feeling even emptier at the end…well done.


  3. My Father’s den..
    decades of easy
    chair then.. channel
    6 news.. Baseball..
    Nascar.. only #6
    car Mark Martin
    and Atlanta
    Braves too..
    newest knives..
    oldest guns and
    car magazines
    fill easy
    at side..
    hmm.. i fly
    now online with
    greaTest oF ease..
    and once gain dance
    a flesh dance of
    life my
    iN media
    Den oF sTills..:)

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