Conduit of His Peace

Zen Garden images – Google


MargoRoby  Stop and Smell That Rose
“…find a site with paintings and sift through until you find the painting that makes your insides relax. Post the painting (with attribution) with your poetic response to it.


I am the green of a hollow vessel
green of aged moss, tender shoots,
a conduit of tinkling moods, floating thoughts
light as a wisp of fog balanced and steady
merging into the stream of notes composed
of letting go, rounding the edges, melting
into the consciousness of God-ness.


11 thoughts on “Conduit of His Peace

  1. Now if I could only breath underwater…
    Sigh. I tried a small water feature in my home once, but after a while …well just looking out a the creek …which I don’t have to maintain.


  2. Okay, you’re back. Does this poem feel back to you? It is utterly lovely, Debi. I felt as at peace with the poem as with the image.

    I’ve read it three times now and like it more with each reading. Beautiful.


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