Second Verse Same as the First

dverse  Adventures in travelling post by Matthew Henningsen @
“I want you to consider the adventure of travel in your poetry today. Write about a place you’ve been, or a place where you would like to go, write of things that have or could have happened.”

Took off on a tangent – hope that’s OK, Matthew

Been traveling
this winding way
all my life
walking, running, crawling, stumbling
blinded by the rising sun
clear-eyed on the long
straight stretches
foot heavy on the pedal
screeching to a sudden halt
just in time
making time
saving time
wasting time
learning, forgetting,
changing, growing,
grasping, letting go,
baffled, amazed,
watching the stars
flare and spark
horizon to horizon
coasting through the
twilight to greet
the deja vu…
jamais vu …
hairpin curve.





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14 responses to “Second Verse Same as the First

  1. I wonder sometimes, we do travel in so many ways… maybe sometimes it’s not the destination that makes the difference.

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  2. I wish there was a love button! This is awesome!

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  3. I love the way poems sometimes take over and go their own way. Yours is a sublime example of poetry letting rip.

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  4. I specially love this part:

    watching the stars
    flare and spark
    horizon to horizon

    I think all of our life is just travelling from one journey to another ~ Good one Deb ~


  5. Grabbed me all the way through to the “hairpin curve”. Fantastic.


  6. Phew! You’re on a roll 😀
    Beautifully done.

    Lots of love,


  7. Sometimes we have to hold on for dear life…especially around those hairpin curves! This was great…and just like the directions that life takes us.


  8. sreejaharikrishnan



  9. It had better be okay with Matthew because I think this is wonderful! >

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  10. Love that you went on a tangent with this. You bring the reader into the journey of life and show us what a thrilling ride it can be!

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  11. Curve baLLs
    oF sidewalk
    life.. straiGht
    line Highways
    same in predict
    Of change..
    aLways new..
    new ways aLL..
    iN challenge
    oF Life..

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