Bring Elijah’s Chariot

mindlovemisery prompt by wildchild47
Choice #3: Using the words “chariot, strength, victory, compassion, patience” – write and share a personal story that has meaning for you.

Alive Elijah rode the chariot to Heaven
still in his strength and vigor. You left,
not in victory, but at your own hand
and when it was too late you didn’t
want to go. But, I know God had
compassion on your soul for outside
the bushes were trembling with birds
their song full of sweet goodbyes.
Your Mom has been waiting patiently
her time is very near. Hurry, bring
Elijah’s chariot, carry her home with you.


My first husband committed suicide at 21. His Mother is 91 now and very close to dying. We’ve stayed close all these years sharing his child and now grand-children.


8 thoughts on “Bring Elijah’s Chariot

  1. Ohhh darn it! I apologize if you get a duplicate comment – but it seems lately some comments literally disappear. If two show up, please feel free to choose or delete etc. as you wish.

    Thanks so much for sharing such a personal story here Debi. Indeed the trauma of death by suicide is never easy, and at such a young age …. and to now, so many years later, be walking with one who also was so affected is never easy.

    Your beautiful poem here is elegant and graceful, despite the exploration of death and perhaps the pain. But it is also very sensitive – and it speaks of a breath of light and hope, of transitions, perhaps to some other place of comfort. The image I feel is like an echo – a contrail that lies in a sky, at sunset …. and it is singularly beautiful.

    My thoughts to you and your family Debi.


      • It is always a challenge …. no matter how “prepared” we feel, it often still comes as a shock. But if you feel hope and peace, in some ways, then this can ease the transitions for all, which is part of the healing, grieving process. Once again, thoughts to you and your family.


  2. This: “the bushes were trembling with birds
    their song full of sweet goodbyes”
    is such a stunning image. Nearly had me come undone. Peace and comfort to you, Debi, as you walk the journey of goodbyes, once again.


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