Exquisite Transience

dverse Haibun Monday #10: Hanami with Kanzen Sakura (Toni Spencer)

“How many many things
they call to mind –
these cherry blossoms.”   (Basho)

Cherry blossoms, fragile beauty in a cloud of palest pink, fall one by one and then in a flurry like a spring snow. Exquisite transience, though who could bear to live forever in that ecstasy of splendor? Mortals were not made to contain such extravagance. We live in moments of fulfillment like: the joy of childbirth, the first flame of passion, a child’s wedding, and a soldier’s homecoming. Otherwise we’d burn to a cinder of fallen star.

 Sakura blossoms
ephemeral elegance
all we can endure


17 thoughts on “Exquisite Transience

  1. Every once in a while, I read something and think, “I wish I would have written that!” This is one of those times. So incredibly beautiful! Even the brevity of your piece worked for the idea of beauty being brief so that we can endure it.


  2. Indeed, we would be burned to a cinder from all the feelings and beauty.Such things should be brief for it is truly all we can endure. A truly amazing share. The haiku is stunning. Thank you for writing to the prompt and for linking it.


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