Tears of a Clown

imaginarygarden  April is for Fools and Poets  Imagined By Marian
Write about being a fool or being fooled, not being fooled again, or foolin’ around, All Fools’ Day, fool’s gold, foolish behavior, foolish words, fool me twice, you fool!”

He played the fool
the class clown
the court jester
made us laugh
broke the ice
was careful of
others’ hearts
gentle with
delicate things
puppies, kittens, little kids.
Gave hugs and pats on the back…
but he possessed the
saddest eyes I’ve ever seen.




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13 responses to “Tears of a Clown

  1. Kerry O'Connor

    So sensitive to the needs of others, but carrying sadness alone. A poignant image.

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  2. but he possessed the
    saddest eyes I’ve ever seen.

    Sigh.. beautifully poignant 🙂

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  3. Jim

    Sad, Debi. I think sometimes this type person is needing some of what he is handing out. Sooo generous!


  4. So sad for him, but a joy for us,, enjoyed your poem,,


  5. I love the short-line approach to this, Debi…poignant.

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  6. The line breaks are inspired.

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  7. A really cool portrait. Thanks. k.


  8. Very nice ending. I’ve known people who were just like this.


  9. This is so true of too many I have met, especially artistic people. Kind, yes; tortured? The eyes have it. Thanks so much, Debi. You are off to a great start this month. Amy

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  10. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    Ah, perhaps that is what made him so compassionate, as well as giving him the urge to help others laugh.


  11. Yes, the perfect description of a clown.


  12. This is a touching tribute, Debi.


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