Perchance to Dream

Sailing through time


MLMM Photo Challenge #107 prompt by NEKNEERAJ

Now I lay me down to sleep
under the lodestar may it keep
this ship on her steady course
through starry skies to the source
of all fabled, mystical dreams
begotten in cloudy streams
of whispered wishes to fill her sails.
We’ll steer the cosmic current’s trail
by the moon’s soft mellow light…
“second star to the right,
and straight on till dawn”
to awaken with a wondering yawn.

*”second star to the right,
and straight on till morning”  Quote from  Disney’s Peter Pan



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8 responses to “Perchance to Dream

  1. Magical and dreamy 🙂

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  2. This is so lovely.

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  3. CC Champagne

    Oh, I was grasping at Peter Pan as well, but couldn’t get a handle on it. This is brilliantly done! Great write!


  4. So charming–and sweet too with the child’s prayer aspect and sense of wonder. Thanks, Debi. k.

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  5. Peter Pan is one of my favorites…
    Have you ever read :
    Not quite the Disney version at all…

    I play here:


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