Clover Colored Memories

picture by

imaginarygarden Bits of Inspiration ~ Bracelet ~ NaPoWriMo 2016 ~ Day 7
imagined by Susie Clevenger


Do you remember…
making clover bracelets
and searching for
a leaf of lucky four?
You had a much better eye.

Do you remember…
making mud pies,
decorated with
wild violets, daisies,
and Rose of Sharon?

Do you remember…
hearing the whippoorwill,
the Bob White’s call,
the bull frog’s deep bass
serenade from the pond?

Do you remember…
days of splendid wonder
nights of serene sleep
summers of playing
until the supper call?

I guess that’s what’s best
of getting old, the memories
of our childhood joys.
And isn’t it ironic how
we longed to grow-up?



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21 responses to “Clover Colored Memories

  1. We had simpler jewels then, but they were no less pretty and far more precious simply due to happiness of those days. Beautifully nostalgic.

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  2. Jim

    Very nice, light with a message this morning. Can we change our minds?
    I relate to your experiences more than some, in our country school we had two boys and six girls. I picked lots of wild violets (for the teachers and Mom).

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  3. Sigh… this is breathtaking verse… 🙂
    Beautifully executed.

    Lots of love,

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  4. shawna

    Yes! I love this … so much. More childhood poems, please. 🙂


  5. Flower bracelets are what came to me, too, in response to this prompt. Havent written yet………this is lovely to read.


  6. Love the refrain and the simple joy in flowers…lovely, thank you!

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  7. Ohhhhh, how I DO remember. Lulled by this. Thank you.


  8. This is lovely, I can relate so well, as children my friends and I used to make bracelets out of dandelions. All of your scenes are filled with happiness.

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  9. So lovely, I remember making bracelets of daisies and dandelions, this stakes me back.

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  10. Those simple memories… wonderful

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  11. Oh I have all these memories too. Even now I will sit down in the clover and make flower chains..Oh and dandelion ones also. Thanks so much for writing and sharing in the garden!

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  12. The irony of growing up is finally valuing the glory of childhood. Great series of sweet memories.

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  13. Debi, I saw your comment on facebook about having trouble commenting on my site and Poets United……..I think there is some sort of incompatibility between wordpress and google…………not sure what to suggest, is there anywhere on the comment form where you can sign in? You should be able to get to my site and comment through facebook, come to think of it……..If you wanted to join the google linked in network, it would give you easy access to everything, but not everyone wants to belong to so many sites….I know I struggle with that myself. Anyway, thanks for trying and for your lovely comment about my poem. I appreciate it. I am concerned that you are having trouble commenting at Poets United. Keep trying, kiddo, let me know if this problem continues and I’ll ask Mary about it.


  14. M

    I remember being envious of the boys for whom the girls would weave those bracelets… ~

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