Imaginarygarden Monday // Soviet Kitsch Imagined By

The more things change, the more things stay the same

just another monday
working for the man
least I’m in the office
not ten miles underground
spices, metals, gems,
compounds to power
the worlds… just looking
forward to Friday
and a party out on mars
step into the circle,
materialize on a star
let’s all take a stand
for the collective good
of our motherland.



11 thoughts on “Progress

    • I didn’t think of that Bjorn but it could go either way, right? What I really had on my mind was even though technology, even space travel itself, doesn’t seem to change the basic nature of man himself. We are still all trying to make a living, falling in and out of love, being compassionate and cruel, selfish and altruistic… things change but humanity rarely.


  1. That was the poster I chose for my poem too! I love how you interpreted the dronish/martian feel and brought that to your poem. Thanks so much for sharing and for bringing something shiny to the out of standard!

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