A Suburban Development

imaginarygarden The Tuesday Platform  Imagined By
“As an option, allow yourself to be guided by the concept in Lukas Graham’s song.”


I want to tell my story
not because it is unique,
it’s not, just a common
thread of happenstance
poor planning, letting
things happen, never taking
charge, well, until it was
almost too late and even then
I was hoping for a miracle.
Miracles do happen.
We just call it luck, karma, kismet, the stars,
serendipity, good breaks… when everything seems lost.

Is there destiny, a path
plowed just for me?
Or am I turning the sod
one shovelful at a time?
The only thing I know
the girl that started out
disappeared, dissolved,
went up in a puff of smoke,
mirrors and sleight of hand,
pay no attention to the man
behind the curtain, puppeteer,
the strings have finally been cut.
My story is like every other and yet completely unique.
In the beginning and So it ended, hoping for a happy in between.


13 thoughts on “A Suburban Development

  1. It is wonderful to see how these thoughts arose from listening to Lukas Graham’s song. There comes a point when one realizes the person we once were has changed so much as to be unrecognizable, even to self.

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  2. ‘My story is like every other and yet completely unique.’ I think that is the crux of it, true for us all.


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