Remains of a Fire


imaginarygarden In The Remains of This Month (April!) Imagined By
PLEASE view this prompt as widely as possible.  You do not have to use the word “remain” or “remains” in your poem.  You can write directly of something related to remains (or one of these pics).  But I am perfectly happy if you write about gas mains!   Just use the prompt and a picture (if you like) as something to jump off of. 

curls here and there
slender threads of grey
proclaiming there’s still heat
rake it inward and fire flames
to life, short lived but intense
and I remember the building
conflagration as we threw
limbs and leaves and briars
watching it burn and crackle
snap and sizzle whistle whine
and fall in upon itself, spent
out of fuel, a gentle glow
remains. Still we do not
leave there is tending to do
watchfulness lest a breeze
scatter the ashes and start
a forbidden blaze to raze
the woods. You with your
shovel and I with the rake
secure the remnants
standing guard till the last
embers die with a satisfied



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15 responses to “Remains of a Fire

  1. luv the satisfied sigh; peace lovers await this, in today’s fierce and fired world

    much love…

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  2. Wonderful– I sense the sigh from both fire and tenders. K.

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  3. Love the dance of smoky descriptions, clipped verbs and nouns interplaying to form a textured view of an incident that is more than its ashes.

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  4. till the last
    embers die with a satisfied

    This is amazing Debi.. your poem will ring in my ears all day!

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  5. I love an outdoor fire so very much, and enjoyed all of the descriptive words, which took me right to the edge of the embers.

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  6. This bring back memories of all the time we have had fires burning, and more of all standing afterwards and see the embers fading… there is something both menacing and comforting in those moments…

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  7. Tending embers..There is something hypnotic about a fire. Great visuals in this.

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  8. I love the attentiveness of this speaker… The way she looks at the fire, the way she guards it… lets us see so many interesting thing so clearly… It let’s us smell the smoke.

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  9. A wonderful image, tending the fire, and raking the remains. There is something special about a fire we can control and wonder at,

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  10. This reads beautifully! Lovely rhythms.


  11. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    And it was a satisfying read!

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  12. There is something so peaceful and satisfying about tending the remains of a fire out in nature with a loved one 🙂

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  13. Such respect must be given to fire…your poem expressed this well. I stopped a fire this last fall…a couple of kids started them and I happened to be in the right place at the right time…

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