Local Vernacular

imaginarygarden  The Tuesday Platform Imagined By Marian
…write a poem containing some kind of local vernacular, slang, or pronunciation


I Was Fixin’ To

Jim, the hinge is broken.
Can you fix it, please?
Yes, dear, I was just fixin’ to,
please don’t nag… geez.


Drives Me Buggy

The shopping cart
dinged the car door.
It is my biggest peeve.
Why won’t people park
their buggies ?
Too lazy, I believe.





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7 responses to “Local Vernacular

  1. Some anti-social guys sure know how to spoil the broth! Very true debi!



  2. Wonderful response to the prompt Debi 😀


  3. Can’t tell you how many dings my car has! So annoying!!

    Well done, both.

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  4. Ha, clever. Much enjoyed. k.


  5. nice use of language here


  6. Oh the abandoned buggies in the parking lot! The bane of my existence (almost, anyway). My kids think I’m crazy because I bitch about that every single time. The nerve!


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