Funereal Flowers

adashofsunny Prompt Nights – Nothing is more memorable than Scent by Sanaa Rizvi


It smells like quiet
the quality of stillness
hard like steel
indenting my skin…
and gladiolas
sword-shaped leaves,
spikes that pierce the air
but leave no fragrance
carnations, too, smell
like absence,
but the roses –
roses always smell
of loss, of tears,
of longing and sorrow…
as I walk into the church
and stand before a casket.



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10 responses to “Funereal Flowers

  1. roses always smell
    of loss, of tears,
    of longing and sorrow…

    Oh Debi, this poem is so beautifully touching to the heart and soul. I admire how you have associated the feeling of pain and loss with the fragrance of roses and carnations. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love & support ❤❤

    Lots of love,

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  2. Love the first line. And it’s impact becomes more powerful when we get to the last line, and see exactly where the speaker is.

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  3. Oh this is very good, Debi….scents associated with different emotions……and the stark closing really gives the reader the sense of the depth of the loss.


  4. nice progression here, grief with all its power spoke through flowers…touching and poignant…

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  5. There’s always that cloying smell of so many flower arrangements at funerals. I love to smell flowers, but they are a bit sad at these times. You’ve pictured it so well.

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  6. I agree what an amazingly poignant opening…for me it is the sickly sweet lilies that speak of death in those flowers that are so beautiful and break my heart.

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  7. Very strong associate with funerals and the sense of smell. For me, it’s gardenias. A California thing, I suppose.

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  8. Khaya Ronkainen

    An affecting depiction of scent! Both the first and last lines hit hard. I had to catch my breath with “roses always smell of loss, of tears, of longing…” Roses are my favourite flowers, and I’ve never associated with funerals but orchids. Beautiful write, Debi!


  9. georginamorley

    I think many of us can relate with your words…for me Chrysanthemums are the smell of funerals XXX

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