The Old Screen Door

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dverse Poetics: Open a new door with me Lillian”s prompt


The old screen door is silent now
no kids running in and out,
no one to let it slam.
No one yelling about the flies
No one left to latch the door
while mother mops the kitchen floor.
No lights behind at night to draw
the moths straining against the wire
No more darning left to do on tears
where mosquitos dared to squeeze through.
There’s a special kind of music missing
from storm doors and security locks
the squeak and slam, the running feet
the yells of ‘back before supper’
to the chorus of daddy’s ‘damn door,
I’m going to remove that spring’
as mother flinches and shudders.


31 thoughts on “The Old Screen Door

  1. …a special kind of music missing…..Your poem evokes the idea that doors have memories and if only they could share all that they’ve heard and seen.
    Wonderful take on the prompt. I’m smiling at the farmhouse porch furniture. Many years ago when we lived on a farm house on 15 acres of land in Iowa, we had white wicker furniture — there is something “fresh country” about it. 🙂

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  2. Debi, I simply love this.
    My favorite is the double play on words that happens here:
    “No more darning left to do on tears” — both tears in clothing, and the tears a child might shed. Ah, how motherhood changes through the years, and what we miss when some phases are gone.


  3. Reading this poem, am reminded of the side screen door, at my oma and opa’s, that led to the backyard on their property. The old metal handle, which, a child could fit their entire hand around, after having to stand on their tiptoes, to reach it.. I won’t miss the bugs that manage to enter into house, during the hot Summer nights, I spent there, as a child.


  4. Oh, beautiful! I love it! All those little memories , similar to those in most of us. What a good use of your memories. Too bad there are fewer “Be back before supper” calls, what with the threat of violence.

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  5. Oh how I love this. That old screen door. I’ve made it a point to always have one that is in shabby shape, slams throughout the neighborhood on its own deliverance, never painted but always dirty with the mucky fingerprints and stains of the past. Well done!

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  6. I like that memory……screen door. Since I live in the high mountain desert of NM, we open the windows and doors, for air conditioning. I got some screen doors last year, to keep the flies out…I love them.

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  7. Very Zen to share that inanimate objects have recall & absorbed memories. I wrote once about an ancient bristle cone pine that remembered Christ. I stand in line with sticker stars & kudos for this one; excellent. The doors on empty nests do quiet down as chicks fly off; but now, for us, the din has returned with a vengeance via 7 grandchildren.

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  8. Debi, this one really got to me–reminding me of the first (and dearest) home of my childhood. I forgot that I had written about that door several years ago in a poem called “The Summer of 1948.” Isn’t it great how so many of us who are a “little” older share this memory.


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