Someday We’ll Linger

mindlovemisery Music Prompt “Someday We’ll Linger” by Gaelynn Lea
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Also shared with Imaginary Garden The Tuesday Platform Imagined By Marian
“We Toads invite you (yes, you!) to share your poetry in the Garden.Long or short, old or new, it’s up to you.”


Someday we’ll linger over dinner
drink our wine slowly in sips
of languor and look at the other
as we haven’t for years
and think of things to talk about
other than children or grandchildren
and discover those subtle changes
that couples go through decade by decade
and find we still interest each other, like each other
and you’ll say something light and witty
and I’ll laugh with a joy that bubbles up,
pops like champagne’s cork
and the whole room will look over
and think ahh, l’amour.
Not this night… but
someday we’ll linger over dinner.

15 thoughts on “Someday We’ll Linger

  1. Oh, yes. I love this. I want to linger over dinner too, feel joy bubble up like champagne — such a slow longing in this, it sweeps happy and sad over me as I read — makes me think of both the quick and slowness of time passing. Thanks for sharing.

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