Star Gazing

dverse Haibun Monday #14 – “Too Many Mind…”Posted by Write a one to two paragraph compact haibun describing your activity – how you enjoy it, how it soothes, refreshes you, the sights, sounds, smells of it.  Relax!  Take us with you.  Use the haiku at the end to lull us, gently set us in nature and share your rest with us. You may give us some new ideas!


I toss and turn, wrestle with cares and the black energy of the day, and then slip from bed pessimistic of sleep or peace. I walk to the front stoop, take a deep breath of stillness…and look up. I find the big dipper and tilt it for a refreshing sip of eternity. Let my eyes follow the stream of stars and gasp at one falling. I wonder if it is as curious of earth as I am of its world. Though I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to fall into its vastness. This fallen star, does it gasp with awe at green, growing things? Does it marvel at living creatures, flying, crawling, running, walking? Does it sigh a longing sigh to be part of such beauty as I long for the stars? I go back inside, to bed, with loose shoulders and calmed mind.


one blade of green grass
one brilliant shimmering star
marvels in between


30 thoughts on “Star Gazing

  1. There’s a sense of wonder and innocence to this piece that really touched me. I especially enjoyed the magical flourish of tipping back the big dipper to drink eternity from the stars. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Insomnia worsens for me as I age. I love the concept of /black energy of the day/ because I never thought of the day with an aura; yet what a great insight as some days are bloody red, others verdant peace, others gray drizzle.

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  3. I am an insomniac and often gaze at the stars, clouds permitting. This is such a wonderful haibun. “I find the big dipper and tilt it for a refreshing sip of eternity.” I wonder how it would taste? I like to think like the nectar I sip from the bottom tip of a honeysuckle. I absolutely adored this from start to finish. There is an innocence to it, yet there is the knowledge of the person who knows these stars so very well. The thoughts about wondering if they look at us the way we look at them. Absolutely wonderful.

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  4. There’s something about looking up into the endless, eternal universe that can sometimes put insomnia in its place. I like the wonderment of what the falling star may think/or not of our world. Beautifully done.

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  5. sMiLes.. for mE.. long
    ago a giant oak
    with spot liGhts
    at bottom pointed
    toward sky.. leaves
    oF alive flow upward
    downward sAMe for
    a brief moment in break
    from all stress work.. i AM
    tree one WitH niGht.. tree later
    felled by Hurricane Ivan iN then
    WiNds oF FreeinG skY opens
    uP cLouds oF Love never
    seen in heaVens aBove..
    and ah.. the stars no
    longer covered
    by branches oF

    DarK iS liGht
    IS A sTar
    briGht MooNoN..:)

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  6. “I find the big dipper and tilt it for a refreshing sip of eternity.” This is so enchanting! Your haiku is beautiful as well…to think of the marvels in between.

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