Miz Quickly Marilyn

Take a peek at this article in the New York Times about the pre-auction tour of a collection of Marilyn Monroe’s personal possessions, and let it inspire you.  


We all have our demons
they hide away in the depths
of shaded past, outlined in
bold lines of black crayon.
Their names are legion,
ugly, cheap, stupid, slut,
inferior, fraud, useless…
so I dress them up in
platinum and diamonds,
paint their lips sultry red,
calm them with cigarettes,
alcohol, drugs, love
or something like it.
I’m so tired of trying
to prove my demons wrong
because I know they tell the truth.
But, you made me into a legend
while I was still alive
what could I do but make
… … … … a beautiful corpse.


5 thoughts on “Valuables

  1. Debbie, if the idea behind poetry is to creatively and beautifully pack a powerful punch, it doesn’t get any better than this piece. Oh my goodness the poignancy, power, and unfortunate truth expressed here. WOW.


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