Together Alone

“We Are All in This Together…Alone”


mindlovemisery Photo Challenge #116 with NEKNEERAJ

ScarletteDeath on DeviantArt

ScarletteDeath on DeviantArt


And this is life…
little pockets of light midst dark
in a prodigious height of forest
breadth of obstacles, unseen peril,
glorious beauty, promise of hope
as we make our way
to the clearing.

And we are alone…
though we are many trekking onward
chasing paths winding in seeming circles
forking off into meandering trails
sometimes forced to plot our own
but joy is in the journey
they say.

And we are together…
helping, encouraging, back to back
against the unknown
and we lie down snuggled for warmth,
rest to dream our separate dreams,
framed within the places untouchable
as we hold hands.



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5 responses to “Together Alone

  1. So very lovely and full of deep meaning, Debi!

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  2. Yes, together alone. You’ve pained us a lovely image with your words and the way you write it reminds of Lord Byron’s poem. Lovely, lovely piece.

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  3. Wonderfully weaved, I loved the opening lines. It felt like good and bad stuff is intertwining in your words, almost like representing a yin-yang symbol. I particularly liked this part:”and we lie down snuggled for warmth,
    rest to dream our separate dreams,” Separate dreams, it is such a striking, honest yet raw notion.

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  4. As we poets and writers are dreamers supporting each other. 🙂

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