The Heart of God – google image


dverse quadrille #12 Posted by Let’s see the world in rose-tinted glasses or bring forth the thorns…


A blush of rose
arose in the east
where Eden bides
her time in roseate
assumptions of perfection
where angels guard
the entrance with barbed
staffs of ancient rosewood.
The sweet fragrance
lingers delicately
these long ages
almost imperceptible
within this fetid world.


27 thoughts on “The Heart of God

  1. Excellent poem about paradise lost. Indeed, this fetid world (excellent use of that word here) does make our journey to heaven that much more beautiful. Lovely scents come from there time to time, I think.

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  2. This is one lovely piece Debi… yet I can’t help but feel sad looking at the picture. I find the tree bleeding and the stench of its blood lingers under our very nose. What a fetid world indeed. *sigh*


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