To Jean

PoeticBloomings DAY #5: YOU BEGIN
I present the poem, “You Begin” by Canadian poet and novelist, Margaret Atwood. Surely, you can find some snippet of inspired thought within this truly marvelous poem.


and this is the end…
it begins as a slowing down,
forgetting a word
here and there,
a name, a date, a face,
remembering the past
like it was yesterday,
reliving old slights
and insecurities –
I was an only child
the youngest in a one
room school my mother
taught. I read at four.
Graduated at sixteen,
endured the indignity
of wearing tights
while other girls
wore hose…
eighty years ago.
Summer I was three
first trip to the beach
I fell headlong
into the waves…
my parents laughed,
ninety years ago
and I tell and retell
these embarrassments.
From bed to chair,
from chair to bed
to twilight days
of sameness
new each day
and this is
the beginning
of the end.



13 thoughts on “To Jean

  1. Sometimes I think my drive to feverishly write poems and stories is motivated by a fear of a one-day mindlessness, and I pray that if it comes to be I will accept creative descent with grace. Your poem hit the nail on the head. God bless you, my friend, for all your poetic gems!

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  2. Oh my goodness … my heart knows all this as truth, and my eyes and ears witness it far too often with my mom and my aunt. I sometimes get nearly paralyzed with fear of this for myself. Bless your heart, Debi … you handled it gently, but honestly.


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