dverse Revisiting Anthony Desmond with  (Gayle Walters Rose)
“Write on a belief that you once had that has now changed or you let go of it.  Did it change any relationships that you had?  Have you ever been pressured to change a viewpoint?  How did that make you feel?”

I had lived in the sunlight
of assurance, conviction, belief
till shadows slithered, coiled
at the edges of my world view
and I began to question,
reevaluate, weigh, sort, sift
my once firm foundation.
Those shadows seemed
threatening, looming,
tornado producing storm clouds
of heresy.
I haven’t quite found
my balance, wobbly still
but more composed
in my quest for Truth
than at the beginning.
It is hard
thinking for myself
after being conditioned
to just believe.

My beliefs have undergone a radical questioning.  I am a spiritual person, believe (most of the time) in God (the Trinity) but am disillusioned with religion, church, politics and patriotism as a church focus and the hate and injustice in this country. The problem with Trump (well we don’t have enough time to cover that) but the trouble with his slogan is that it is too wordy. Instead of “Let’s make America great again” it should be “Let’s make America great”  and all of us join together to make it happen! 


20 thoughts on “Shadowland

  1. Some of us are still finding our balance, and frankly politics make me sick. It’s hard to know which is true and genuine right now. I think we just need to weigh things more carefully now.

    Thanks for joining us Debi.

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  2. Debi, I can so relate to what you wrote because I’ve gone through a similar shift in my own life. I learned at a young age to question what I had been conditioned to believe and in some ways it’s been freeing and in others it’s left me bewildered and wondering “well, what now?” Thanks for sharing your very personal feelings here. I really appreciate that.

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  3. I have always questioned the belief system of others, was very down on organized religion, have always lacked respect for my supervisors, etc. Then my disability slowed me way down, & I had time for meditation, study, & discovery. I have opened myself up to metaphysics, ghosts, UFO’s, & still believe in Sasquatch. My patience with others, my insights beyond the veil have molded a whole new person.

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  4. Hello my friend..
    for me the GOlden
    rule works without
    consuming others
    with harm..
    other folks
    make it
    so much
    more complicated
    than that but as long
    as that rule tHeR is
    shared and given
    it all falls into
    place for
    mE noW..
    i don’t thiNk
    i’M the first
    person to say
    this.. but perhaps
    the first person to
    repeat it this much
    in the written word
    first hand.. now..
    i can
    i WiLL.. we are
    animals.. we are blessed
    with the neo-cortical
    ability and
    to use
    as WiLL
    to exercise
    a life long practice
    and perfection as such
    of the Golden rule now..
    big mistake for those
    who think it requires
    no work.. or focus
    instead as and
    of an hour here
    or there in a brick
    building wondering
    what dress or tie to
    wear next.. anyway.. the
    Naked Golden rule is enough for
    me.. giving and sharing and consuming
    no other part of Nature with harm beyond
    the bread and water of life.. anyway2
    change always stARts at
    the heARt
    of the
    the SpiRit and
    the sOuL before
    the Mirror eYes now
    LiVinG Truth
    and liGht as
    Fearless Love
    that harms no otHeR..:)


  5. I never question the beliefs of others, only myself. And I too feel if we search deep and find that balance, our beliefs shift to probably what is closer to the truth. I stay out of politics. Excellent write and wonderfully said.

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  6. I identify with this too. Age and the wisdom it brings makes us question long held beliefs, often built on the interpretations of others. Scary in a way…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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  7. You poem represents the journey we all have to follow as we grow to spiritual maturity, I believe. We grow up in the comfortable world of black and white and eventually discover the beauty of gray. I left the faith of my youth and many years of my adulthood for a good few years, only to return with an understanding of what is important and what is human-made.

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