And Then it Rained

You can write of a summer where you experience a life changing event and how you coped with it. Or you can choose to write a summer storm poem. We’re talking weather, social upheaval, or controversy that can be considered a “storm” of sorts. No matter which one you choose, it will be expressed tenderly by your heart.


It had been building all day
a tension in the air a heaviness
a murmur of muted sounds
and colors that drooped
on slender tendrils
wearied with expectation
a question unspoken
a hot, sticky, pressure
butting up against my skin
and then
a distant rumble and dark clouds
roiling like bubbles gathering
in the bottom of a pot
a searing slice of jagged
electricity sending
static round my head
and then
intermittent drops of rain
like a promise about to be broken
and then
a steady, rhythmic plop
on metal gutters, percussion
midst the soft violins
and then
the tension eased
the world massaged
to soft sighs of ahhhh



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