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I am
crafted of
abundance and loss.

I am
content and restless
shades of grey
in swirls of black and white.

I was
born in the twentieth century
will die
in the twenty-first

but until then

I’ll live
to see
more wonders and woes.




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20 responses to “Homemade

  1. I love the “crafted of abundance and loss”. Indeed we are all shades of contracditions, and with more blessings, we will see to see more wonders and woes. That’s life, smiles.

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  2. Splendid. I hope that it’s more wonders than woes!


  3. Homemade is best;-) love the ending,Debi, and yes, here’s to constant wonder! ironically it is our woes that help us notice and savor wonder!

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  4. Victoria Young

    I love your shades of grey in swirls of black and white! Very poignant and lovely.

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  5. Oh, I could so relate to the first three lines…may be shades of gray make us more real as the life is truly wonder and woe made….a beautiful poem Debi…


  6. This is gorgeous. I especially like the first two stanzas.


  7. Your words speak of your life so far, and into the near future. The past is comprised of lessons. The now is our statement on those things learned. The future? We’ll find out soon enough, Debi! Good write!


  8. I like this! We’re all nesting dolls when you think about it, right? And yes, bridging two centuries –
    Well done!

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  9. Ode to a life well-lived! Beautiful!

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  10. “Crafted of abundance and loss” is such a good description……..loved this.

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  11. Some lovely contrasts running through this poem, and you bring them together beautifully.

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  12. Perfect–we are such a blend of colors, abundance and loss, apparent contradictions. Well-expressed.

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  13. Love the bit about shades of grey in swirls of black and white

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  14. Homemade is much the best. All of us are contradictions – plenty, loss, gain, growth, and finally death in the 21st century. But until then….


  15. Enjoyed the contrasts…especially the last line. If we allow ourselves, I think we see more wonders than woes.

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  16. Here’s to more wonders! 🙂


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