A Slip of Sky

dverse Haibun Monday: The Sky IS the Limit
Today, I would like for you to write your haibun about the day sky – from dawn to dusk and any time in between. From you I am requesting a haibun of one paragraph and one paragraph only. Please make this tight and of course, it is non-fiction. Write about the sky – the sky the day you were married, a sky from a childhood memory, lying in the grass and looking up at the clouds, a rainy sky, a snowy sky, any daytime sky.


The sky sat low on the mountain top. Swirling wisps of fog painted a grey and white horizon. I watched as the sky slid lower, erasing the landscape, leveling the world, softening the sounds of life to a sleepy hum. This blanket of mist crept closer still till from my window all I could see were vague shapes of trees and hints of deeper greys. It could have felt eerie, menacing, a gothic shiver of apparition unfolding. Instead it was a tranquil enveloping like the drowsy moments before drifting to sweet dreams.

Clinging, foggy tendrils
blanket the heavy-eyed day
snug in downy dreams



19 thoughts on “A Slip of Sky

  1. Rorschach Tests
    oF Sunrise Sunset
    Clouds.. sAme reflecting
    inner clouds and sunshine
    saMe.. environment within
    pasted on
    Paint of Nature..
    but sure.. either
    way of liFe iS equAlly
    ReaL for those who paint
    EmoTions sky wide noW iN
    shadEs of GreY beComing
    coloRed hues of Rain
    sAMe as
    sHadE Sun Blooms..

    Body bReathE
    oF liGht sKeyeS SonG..
    SinGs.. sunsetrise.. BluE..:)

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