The Singers Raise Their Voices in Praise

Grasshopper and Moon.  Ohara Koson











mindlovemisery B&P’s Shadorma and Beyond – re-interpret existing poems as a shadorma


little songs
from morning to dusk
the ant’s chant
the bee’s hum
the frog’s grunt down by the pond
gird the day with praise.

of the kakydids
who-ing owls
cooing dove
and the cricket’s chirping tune
lull the night to sleep

of nature’s mantra
hum, buzz, trill,
bark, cry, shriek
by night and day her creatures
celebrate the earth.



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4 responses to “The Singers Raise Their Voices in Praise

  1. The imagery is clear and sharp — you have taken your shadorma past the dance of thunder and grasshopper to encompass all of nature!

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  2. I think it might be fun to hear the echo of a butterfly’s wings…
    This piece is really lovely, I imagine the full moon smiling in honor. 😉


  3. I love the use of onomatopoeia in this delightful response to the prompt!

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