Blue Whale


withrealtoads (” FASHION ME YOUR WORDS ~ TO A MEGAFAUNA Imagined By
“Write a poem in no more than 100 words about any megafauna you choose (living or extinct). Form and content is up to you. Word count however is stipulated (100 words)”


The ocean is vast, wave upon wave,

a living thing of abundant life

and there resides the blue whale,

largest animal to have lived

bigger than the dinosaur, and yet

a speck in a watery world where

they sing their song, telling, retelling

a proud history. If we understood

what could you tell, what wisdom

share? Man needs so desperately

to know there are those who nobly

dwell not of the land, not on two legs,

who doesn’t build, doesn’t tear down,

who needs not to conquer and rule

but just to live in harmony with earth

and each other.


3 thoughts on “Blue Whale

  1. You set the stage in vastness, immerse your whale, size your dinosaur, and then release the lesson of harmony in existence, This is a structured telling i so enjoyed, Thanks for your response Debbi. Enjoyed your video too

    much love…

    Liked by 1 person

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