imaginarygarden Sunday Mini-Challenge: Charms Imagined By
“For this mini-challenge write a short poem (10 lines or less) binding up a spell or charm for something that plagues some aspect of daily life. Invoke a depth or shade or deity of heart and cast it over an ailing. “


First, I’ll be a bird,

mourning dove is best, I think.

Then, I’ll gather sage

ignite it in a censer,

and fly the whole world over

diffusing healing and peace.


dove symbolism here
burning sage symbolism here



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8 responses to “(BUSSOKUSEKIKA)

  1. I think this a wish we would like to give to the world


  2. Yes, that is what the world needs–a million such doves to counter the hawks and the jackals.


  3. this is so beautiful, the world is in need of such a gathering

    much love…


  4. I can feel the wind in this, the balm washing over — lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Magical wings. How wonderful!

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  6. Now THIS is a spell I can get behind. Wonderful!!!!!!

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  7. Jim

    Finally a place in our world for the doves. Their love oriented nature makes them perfect for this new task.

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